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"An absolute joy to listen to." 
Reviewer:  Paul Fortin
What a great talent. All original compositions sung to perfection. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this CD.

"Cannot stop listening to it!" 
Reviewer:  Sparkeisha
Song after song sticks in your head. i can't stop listening to debbie. her voice is so unique and soulful. check it out!

"An unheralded soul-jazz-funk diva from Brooklyn!"
Reviewer:  A Chicago Fan
Soulful is the word! I love this CD! So many songs stay in your head. Great accompaniment from some of the best young jazz players in the business. And how romantic it is, too, we love to make love while listening to this unheralded soul-jazz-funk diva from Brooklyn.

"My favorite recording of 1999!"
Reviewer:  D Braum
Immensely heartfelt and perfectly sung lyrics sung to you in unique and catchy melodies which my friends and I have caught ourselves singing spontanously on more than one occasion. This recording showcases her fine songwriting ability as anyone who has seen her live show can attest to!10 out of 10! Every song is solid! This one will live in your CD player! Highly recommended!