Introducing Debbie Deane's first self-titled CD.
Piano-based original pop / soul / jazz.
Available for purchase at and CD and for download on iTunes.

Debbie has been endorsed by the talent of many great musicians who have joined her on the record and who perform with her live.

The bassist Jeff Andrews (Michael Brecker, Vital Information) produced 6 tracks on the record. Those songs feature the rhythm section of Debbie Deane-piano,Jeff Andrews-bass and Brian Blade (Seal, Joni Mitchell)-drums.

The great young tenor saxophone player Joshua Redman plays beautifully on 2 tracks. Wayne Krantz (Steely Dan) graces the record with acoustic guitar. Phil Markowitz plays some Hammond B-3 and some great keyboard parts.

The other half features Debbie with the team of Richard Hammond on bass and Rodney Holmes (Santana) on drums. Debbie accompanies herself on 2 ballads.

Debbie's songs explore love, ambivalence and freedom.

Her original music possesses a yearning quality combined with a unique vocal style that is both soulful and heartfelt.

Track Listings
1. Finally Free* (4:14)
2. Mother Mary* (3:36)
3. Sunday Morning Dawn (3:38)
4. Baby* (3:34)
5. Don't Let Me Go This Way (4:34)
6. Hit The Rewind (4:59)
7. Kari (3:56)
8. These Are The Words (4:11)
9. Good To Me ( 3:47)
10. Tell Me (4:38)
11. That Can Be Arranged (2:50)
12. Piece Of Your Heart (2:56)

*Downloadable MP3 files for your listening pleasure